Stars Over Alabama was created and is run by 16 year-old Marcelle LeBlanc.

Marcelle is a Birmingham native and advocate for arts education. Marcelle began her love of the arts at the age of 10 when she was asked to be a part of a new Broadway musical’s first reading in New York and was given the honor of playing young Judy Garland and young Shirley Temple. From that point on Marcelle went on to pursue a career in the arts and has seen success starring in Stranger Things, Criminal Minds, ABC pilot False Profits, Cobra Kai and coming this summer the 20th Century Fox blockbuster, Fear Street.


But success has not come easy and life before the arts was difficult. “I was very sad as a young kid in elementary school. I was different and quiet, and I just didn’t fit in and the kids around me were more than happy to let me know that. I remember just feeling lonely and isolated and crying a lot. My feelings and even being bullied by other kids led me to withdraw and even lose interest in school.”


It was at this time in her life that Marcelle started participating in outside arts programs and realized the family and life that were waiting for her. “My life was changed forever by one community theatre director who took a chance on a little girl who didn’t know stage left from stage right and now I want to give that opportunity to other kids across the state and eventually across the country!”


Marcelle’s hard work and desire to make a change in arts education caught the eye of the Alabama Arts Alliance. As an official partner and spokesperson Marcelle has created a scholarship program to provide access and opportunity in the arts to those students who want and need access. She will also lead the Alliance’s first Student Advisory Board and hopes to affect change in the legislature as it pertains to funding and access to arts in public schools.


“Not all kids learn the same and it’s important that education and educators evolve with the needs of students in order to create well educated and well rounded adults. I believe that arts is the key to bridging the gap.”

We are a scholarship program working directly with the Alabama Arts Alliance to create Scholarships for current K5 through 11th graders who want and need access to arts programs!

We provide the opportunity for these kids to participate in community and school arts groups and programs without the worry of tuition (i.e, dance classes, voice lessons, art classes, etc.)


If you know a student that is deserving of receiving a scholarship, please click the link below and nominate them today! Nominations are now live and we will be accepting them through May 1, 2020. We are currently raising funds through our virtual talent showcase being held on September 26th, 2020.


All ticket sales, entry fees, cash donations, and donations in kind will be totaled the week after the talent showcase and a total dollar amount for scholarships will announced. Our Junior Board as well our Advisory Board and Alabama arts Alliance will go through all applications to choose scholarships winners.


Winners will be notified by email.



Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have had to move our virtual showcase to September 26th, 2020. 

Auditions have been moved to an online video submission platform, and the audition deadline has been extended to August 28th, 2020

Enter to win the Stars Over Alabama 2020 Virtual Talent Showcase!




Do you have a talent?

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 Stars Over Alabama is accepting video submissions now through August 28th, 2020 for the opportunity to showcase your talent at the virtual talent showcase on September 26th, 2020! 100 lucky contestants will showcase their talent for the chance to win cash prizes as well as be seen by the best in the industry! Judges will be announced on the website and will be industry professionals and experts in the arts! This is your chance to win money, be seen and help a good cause!

Stars Over Alabama 2020

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